Book Discussion

         This course is meant for senior students of foreign language departments- both for

 those who study English as a foreign language as well as for those majoring in English.

The handbook consists of two parts: poetry and prose.

       Part One contains poems by renown English poets, both classic and modern. Part Two contains

short stories by the masters of short story and detective genres of British and American literature. Each text is accompanied by notes, vocabulary, written and oral exercises.

The Notes explain the unknown special names, very often created by the author himself, not found in dictionaries.

The Vocabulary Notes give selective word-stock to enrich the active vocabulary of the student.

The Word-Combinations & Phrases are set expressions, prepositional phrases meant not only to enrich the active vocabulary, but also to develop skills of using them in written and oral coherent speech.

The Exercises are aimed at developing oral and written skills.

The Written exercises deal with prepositions, word-building, semantic similarities and dissimilarities.

The Discussion exercises are meant to develop speaking skills, to check the level of understanding the text, to interpret the sentences, discuss the author’s life experience, works, characters, express their own, individual opinion of the story and the author’s point. They give a wonderful opportunity to know the writers’ works closely, understand their philosophy.