Professional English for IT students
(PE for IT)

The present course is intended for MA ICT students. It is delivered in English. Time alloted: 96 hours. Two modules:oral and written.  

Information Communications Technology describes the technologies we use in our daily lives to communicate. It's Professional English Course that looks particularly at the language of computing and the Internet. 

The course is designed for advanced level learners who need to use the English of computing and the Internet for study and work.

There are social, linguistic and educational reasons for studying ICT language. Nowadays English is the language of computers and the Internet. In many companies English has become essential for working with computers. Besides, ICT English offers peculiar vocabulary, syntax and discourse functions, that can be beneficial for developing students' linguistic competence.

This course will facilitate students' interaction with computers and help them communicate more effectively in this digital world.

The course contains 8 units. The units cover a wide range of topics from multimedia PCs and Internet issues to mobile phones and robots. It does not require specialist knowledge of computers on either the part of the learner or teacher.